What to do in Canada with a helicopter and ice skates

Posted on March 8th, 2016 by Cici

Katrina Lazzarotto was filmed by heli-cam while figure skating on a lake in the Canadian Rockies. Image from youtube.com.

Katrina Lazzarotto is not a household name. She is not a professional skater, nor is she an avid adventurist. But she skates well enough, and is fortunate enough to know someone who has a helicopter, and so she was given a once-in-a-lifetime chance to go figure skating on a frozen lake on a mountaintop in British Columbia, Canada.

Her friend and helicopter pilot Bradley Friesen flew 5,000 feet up into the Rocky Mountains and dropped off Lazzarotto on a untouchted, picturesque lake. He flew while she skated, and recorded it all with seven GoPro cameras mounted to the chopper.

Lazzarotto described the experience as the “most breath-taking and exhilarating and liberating moment of my life.” It turned out to be pretty amazing to watch, too. The video was filmed in the Golden Ears Provincial Park, which may soon be a bucket-list destination for many skaters. Good luck with your helicopter rentals.

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