What this man can do with a bow and arrow will amaze you

Posted on February 10th, 2016 by Aloha

Danish archer Lars Anderson shows off his abilities on the back of a modern-day horse. Image from laughingsquid.com.

Lars Anderson is the biggest name that you’ve never heard of. He is the premier talent in the world of archery, to the point of being historically good. He has spent the last decade honing his craft, and has taken the Robin Hood / Hollywood concept of archers and replaced it with a more traditional concept of how archers were once the most feared warriors on a battle field.

His approach takes into account the styles of many cultures, from ancient Egypt to Japan, from the Mongols to medieval times. The archery style that he has researched has him holding arrows differently, shooting with both hands from a variety of angles, all of which allows him to unleash a barrage of arrows nearly twice as quickly as his nearest rival — three shots in 0.6 seconds — with incredible accuracy.


One Hollywood myth debunked: Anderson shows us why knocking the arrow on the near side of the bow makes no sense, even if it makes for great pictures. Image from wegotthiscovered.com.

His talent with a bow and arrow is only overshadowed by his slight goofiness and lack of athleticism, both on display as he shows off his archery skills (watch him throw a ball, jump, and <gasp!> rollerblade). He may shoot like Legolas, but definitely does not move like him.

That being said, Anderson is still nothing short of completely amazing. We don’t know how many takes it took him to do what he did at 5:37, but we would have ended up with a few more holes in our faces if we tried it.

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