Warning: If you’re not from Hawai`i, you may think this is a foreign film

Posted on May 16th, 2016 by Cici

Welcome to paradise. The sun, the surf … the foreign language? Sure, it kind of sounds like the locals are speaking English, but you can only make out a few words here and there, and the diction and syntax leave a lot to be inferred. This is HCE (Hawaiian Creole English) — or Pidgin, as they call it in the islands.

Pidgin English developed as a way of communication between the culturally diverse people of Hawaii, which had become a hot spot for labor immigration in the early 1900s. Over time, HCE became less a blend of multiple languages and more a bastardization of English — replete with misused and mispronounced words.

But however the language has evolved, it is a viable means of communication in Hawaii — and largely incomprehensible to outsiders. Team 808 Viral took this concept, added Mad Libs, and recorded it for hilarity’s sake. We challenge you to listen to the video (don’t watch) to find how many phrases you can understand. Then watch the video and check your answers against the subtitles.

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