Wait ’til you see what OK GO did on their flight

Posted on February 11th, 2016 by Aloha

We’re not the biggest fans of OK GO’s music, but their videos are non-stop fun. Image from fastcompany.com.

When you think of the potential headlines regarding a pop band aboard an international flight, “Best zero-G video of all time” is not usually what comes to mind. But that’s exactly what OK GO accomplished when they teamed with S7 Airlines (in a 45-minute flight over Russia) to film their latest single “Upside Down and Inside Out.”

You might remember the group as the guys who did the treadmill routine. They take the same playful energy  and choreography, then ramp it up about 100x, making full use of the airplane’s entire cabin, as well as all props onboard, including laptops, balls, paint-filled “pinatas,” and even a couple of flight attendants.

The three-minute video took about 45 minutes to film aboard a plane that flew several parabolic trajectories in order to provide brief periods of weightlessness. On its FAQ page, the band explained that: “Because we wanted the video to be a single, uninterrupted routine, we shot continuously over the course of 8 consecutive weightless periods, which took about 45 minutes, total. We paused our actions, and the music, during the non-weightless periods, and then cut out these sections and smoothed over each transition with a morph.”

OK Go – Upside Down & Inside OutHello, Dear Ones. Please enjoy our new video for “Upside Down & Inside Out”. A million thanks to S7 Airlines. #GravitysJustAHabit

Posted by OK Go on Thursday, February 11, 2016

Band members spent three weeks training at ROSCOSMOS, Russia’s equivalent of NASA, in preparation for the zero-G filming. The end result was that the band was well-equipped for the gastral-challenges of weightlessness. The same could not be said of the film crew.

“Of course, given roughly 25-30 people on the plane and over the course of the 20 flights we did, we think there were 58 times that people puked. So it was averaging two to three per flight,” lead singer Damian Kulsash said in an interview on redbull.com.

Thank goodness for editing.
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