What this man does with marbles and magnets is amazing. Impossible not to watch ’til the end

Posted on May 11th, 2016 by Aloha

If you are a fan of Kaplamino’s, then you know all about his affinity for mind-warping contraptions made out of dominoes, magnets, marbles, pencils, and even spaghetti. His latest video takes his creativity to a new level, and even if it is shown in a series of stages — rather than in one continuous contraption as he’d intended — the video is impossible to stop watching. The end result is something along the lines of rube-goldberg-meets-cut-the-rope, without the little green monster, and infinitely more addicting.

“It’s really impressive how many tricks you can do with that, at the beginning I didn’t think that I could make a whole project based on those magnets, but finally, it was pretty easy and I think there is still lots of cool tricks to discover !” Kaplamino said of his creative process.

“I like this kind of video when I can’t do what I want, I’m forced to think of tricks with magnets in that case,” he said. “It’s the opposite of my video “Random screen link” when I just build all the thing that come to my mind, constraints are good for the creativity it allows to find original tricks that no one has thought [of].”

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