Skater doesn’t need to go faster or higher to do things no one has done before

Posted on March 21st, 2016 by Cici

Richie Jackson manages to turn mundane surfaces and objects into fantastic skateboarding opportunities. Image from radcollector.com.

In this Olympic year, our minds turn to athletic feats that are along the lines of: fastest, highest, furthest, etc. Quantifiable measures of excellence dominate the headlines. But what about the eyeball test? What about just being the coolest, or having the highest neat-o factor?

If such awards were available, Richie Jackson of New Zealand would be a shoe-in. In his freestyle skate video released on Thrasher.com, he does not go higher or faster or complete more spins, but he does manage to ride his board while it is upside down, makes the most creative use of road signs ever, and even manages to ride his skateboard while not riding it (see 2:10). All while channeling some serious ’70s flair.


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