Leave it to a zebra to settle the new-school / old-school running man debate

Posted on May 17th, 2016 by Cici

The Running Man phenomenon that has become the new Harlem Shake has sparked debate (and many videos) between old schoolers and new schoolers, with the former claiming that the latter has no idea what the dnace is supposed to look like, and the latter not really giving a darn. So, as frequently as the N.S. publishes new running man videos, the O.S. will bring out the same video of Bobby Brown in a leotard, along with some curmudgeon-y comment.

As the debate rages on and there appears to be no clear-cut answer, we turn our attention to the world of wildlife and nature’s referee — the zebra. Perhaps it can help make some sense of the issue, and if not, at least entertain us for a half-minute or so. Enjoy.

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