How to turn beef fat and flour into the worlds best treat

Posted on February 4th, 2016 by Aloha

Man-made deliciousness. Image from blog.food.com.

Let’s be serious. We all know processed foods are not healthful. We know that they are combinations of various ingredients that nature probably didn’t intend on being combined, and that consuming these foods do nothing to help us live longer.

That’s why they’re called comfort foods. Like when someone is in the hospital, and the doctors say “All we can do is make him comfortable.” There’s no cure, there’s just pain relief; so, too, does the culinary world operate. We’re not looking for nutrition, we’re looking for yum.

Business Insider took the time to create a video that shows us the ingredients in some of our favorite processed foods. While their intended result no doubt was to shame/disgust us, it did the opposite for me. Not only am I pleasantly surprised that McNuggets actually contain chicken, but I am amazed that modern-day alchemists are able to turn random bits of nothing into Twinkies (talk about lead into gold).

Nice try, BI, but unless you can make Doritos taste like broccoli, there is nothing that you can do to slake our appetite for junk food.

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