Did Betty White just call my family a group of inbreds?

Posted on February 12th, 2016 by Cici
queen bee

Betty White and Deadpool: a pairing that works surprisingly well. Image from comicbook.com.

Has Betty White officially been declared a national treasure? Wel, she should be. Just when you thought you’ve seen all sides of her personality, she comes through with a resounding endorsement for Deadpool, the most anticipated comic-book movie of the year, and which was definitely not targeted to White’s demographic.

However, we’re not too sure if Betty was more excited to see the film, or Ryan Reynolds, who in her estimation is “so fu**ing handsome” in his leather outfit. Either way, the movie that other critics said was “full of dick jokes” is deemed “glorious” by Betty, who also gives it the highest rating of “4 Golden Girls;” which must be incredible, considering that there is only one Golden Girl remaining.

So this Valentine’s Day, take your significant other to the unlikeliest of chick flicks. If it’s good enough for our Betty White, it’s perfect for anyone.

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