Citrus survival tip: Make fire from a lemon

Posted on April 14th, 2016 by Cici

Image from news.discovery.com.

Water, food, shelter, fire. These are the must-have items you’ll need when facing life-and-death circumstances in the wild. Survival experts will debate the order of importance, but the necessity of each of these is indisputable.

So it was interesting to find this how-to video on survival firemaking — using nothing more than a lemon … and some copper pins, zinc nails, wire and steel wool. While it is an interesting 3rd-grade science experiment, the chances of you having these items (and not a lighter) is highly unlikely. But like we said, it’s an interesting look at the basics of electricity and electron flow, if not entirely applicable in the wild.

Unless you happen to be hiking and get lost in a copper, zinc, and lemon-tree forest.

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