Artist uses paper to turn landmarks into Disney landscapes

Posted on April 22nd, 2016 by Cici

This is from a cliff in Malta, not one overlooking the African plain, but the scene that it invokes is nonetheless indelible.

Rich McCor — who you may follow on Instagram @paperboyo — accomplishes the complex with a very simple premise: He “takes photos with cutouts (and sometimes without).” His images transform everyday sights into poignant stills using nothing more than silhouette cutouts and a little camera perspective.

McCor’s latest posts were done in conjunction with Disney, who asked him to put a twist on some iconic UK city scenes. One playlist (which the artist describes as “crucial”), eight sets of paper cutouts, and several hundred miles of road tripping later, he came through for Disney with a new take on some old sights.

“A few of my photos already had a Disney theme, even before this collaboration, because many Disney scenes are so iconic,” McCor told Business Insider. “So when Disney asked me if I’d like to create some scenes for them it was easy to say yes. It was great fun trying to explain to passersby why I was holding up bits of black paper in front of my camera –‘Oh, I’m just doing a job for Disney.’”


McCor found Nemo at the Clyde Auditorium in Glasgow.


It’s the circle, the circle of … the bridge’s reflection? Simba, Pumbaa, and Timon recreate their iconic Hakuna Matata strut on the Gateshead Millennium Bridge.


Peter Pan takes flight over the Palace of Westminster.


You may not immediately recognize the Towers of Notre Dame Cathedral, but my mother-in-law’s silhouette is unmistakable.


“I’d planned to do just one Disney themed photo in each city but then I had this idea with the Claw from Toy Story, so let’s just call this is a bonus one from Glasgow;” from Rich McCor, Instagram.


Sully taking a water break on the Water Tower in Cardiff. Where’s Boo?


It’s not a grand ballroom, but it’ll do: Beauty and the Beast relax in Liverpool to dance beside the docks.

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