13 airlines secrets as told by actual employees

Posted on April 7th, 2016 by Aloha

Cruel but true: If you have a choice when going through security lines, avoid those with children or people over the age of 70. They will slow down the pace of progress. Image from readwrite.com.

Statistics say that air travel is much safer than driving your car (obviously compiled by someone who hasn’t ridden with my sister-in-law). And for the most part, these statistics do not lie; for although airlines mishaps are significantly more tragic than the average auto incident, the good folks that take care of all-things-aviation are pretty diligent in their duties.

However, just as you drive your car with the check engine light on, there are also certain — let’s call them “leeways” — that also exist in the world of airplanes. Don’t worry — it’s nothing that will jeopardize your life, but these facts and hacks may change your outlook on flying.

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