9 life-changing products to try this month

Posted on April 5th, 2016 by Cici


Originally published on buzzfeed. Written by Rachel Wilkerson Miller

When it comes to saving money, or saving time, or killing time, or making killing time more enjoyable, there is no shortage of new products aimed at making our lives better. They may take the form of a floating speaker, or pre-packaged dinner options, but they all succeed in making us smile. Here are nine new products (or at least new takes on old products) that you owe to yourself to try in the next few months.

1. Stasher reusable zip-top bags — $11.99 each


The Ziploc bag, if it worked out every day. Image from buzzfeed.com.

By Natalie Brown

Do you like to eat constantly? And do you tend to pack your food,because purchasing food is damn expensive? But do you feel a tinge of guilt anytime you pack food in a disposable zip-top bag?
And before you say “just pack it in a reusable container” — just, no. OK, sure, containers like this one work well to transport my sandwiches to work un-smashed. But when it comes time to pack some fruit, or cheese, or cookies, a zip-top bag just works so much better (especially when you have one reusable container in your work bag already). It takes up less space, and it’s so light, but it feels wasteful to use one and just throw it away.
That’s where the reusable Stasher comes in. The silicone bag is just the right size for packing snacks (like apples and cookies) and fits perfectly in my work bag or purse. I wouldn’t pack soup in one, but I did pack juicy pineapple pieces one day without any liquid leaking out. The only thing I wouldn’t recommend it for is sandwiches — partly because sandwiches just generally get smashed in bags, and partly because the opening of the bag isn’t quite wide enough for a slice of your typical sandwich bread.
The bags are easy to wash (and are dishwasher safe, if you put them on the top rack). They’re also easy to seal and open again, and one of them comes with an adorable dog and cat doodle. I use at least one of the bags just about every day.

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